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1 50 Years After Fair Housing Act, We Still Have a Long Way to Go by Jeffrey W. Hicks
2 Before the Parkland Massacre and Now by Dr. E. Faye Williams
3 Toward a Multiracial Youth Coalition By Julianne Malveaux
4 Nothing Stands In The Way Of Gun Reform But Lack of Courage and Political Will. The Teens of Parkland Have Both By Marc H. Morial
5 Students Across Nation March for Gun Control By Amiyah King
6 Those Who Do Nothing on Gun Control Fail Our Children By Jesse Jackson
7 HIV Rates Remain High in the Black Community by Frederick H. Lowe
8 Special Report: U. S. Schools are Failing to Teach the Hard History of American Slavery
9 Black Panther is the Superhero – and Heroines – We Deserve Marc H. Morial
10 New Poor People’s March Kicks Off This Spring By Barrington M. Salmon
11 Access to Safe, Decent and Affordable Housing Threatened Across the Nation by Charlene Crowell
12 Black Jobless Rate is Back Up in Less Than a Week by Frederick H. Lowe
13 Super Bowl Viewers Infuriated By Truck Ad Featuring Voice of Dr. King - Rev. Bernice King Among the Outraged
14 Omarosa Returns to Reality TV, But Can She Regain Her Standing in the Black Community? By Hazel Trice Edney
15 Tax Cut Will Widen the Racial Wage Gap By Jesse Jackson
16 Coalition of Black Organizations to Hold United Nations Protest Against Trump Insults February 15
17 CBC Members Back CFPB Payday Lending Accountability Actions By Charlene Crowell
18 State of the Union Offers a Ray of Hope for Main Street Marshall Plan's Robust, Targeted Infrastructure Development By Marc H. Morial
19 Distraction by Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.
20 How You Can Celebrate Black History Month By Julianne Malveaux
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